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Add an Additional Large Canopy for Your Light Fixture.

Purchase an additional large canopy for your light fixture.

This is NOT a stand alone product and must be purchased as an addition to a lighting fixture. This canopy is compatible with the mounting hardware included with your fixture and does not come with additional hardware.

Please do not purchase this item for use on light fixtures that have not been purchased from our shop.

The canopy will be sent as a separate item for you to install on your fixture.

If you would like to have the the larger canopy preinstalled on the light fixture and do not want the standard 5" canopy sent with your order please let us know in the "Order Notes" section in the shopping cart icon.

Canopies with Bar Holes - This canopy is to be used on vanities, sconces, and flush ceiling lights. It is used whenever 8/32 caps are visible on the canopy and used to secure the fixture.

Canopies - One Hole - This canopy is to be used on chandeliers and most pendants. This canopy is used on fixtures that have a drop rod and are secured with a slip ring. No caps are visible on the canopy.

𑇐 Our Raw Brass finish features solid unfinished brass that is hand cleaned before leaving our shop. The brass will age and patina over time giving the finish a soft natural look.

Please wear gloves while installing all fixtures. Touching raw brass with bare hands will tarnish the brass. If you have purchased the "Add lacquer to Raw Brass" Add on for your fixture please let us know in the "Order Notes" section in the shopping cart icon. Raw Brass canopies will be sent with no lacquer unless noted.

𑇐 Black - Durable satin powder coated finish

𑇐 Antique Brass - Made of solid brass that has been aged and lacquer sealed

𑇐 Polished Nickel - Mirror like metallic finish with a warm feel

𑇐 Brushed Nickel - Lightly brushed with a semi-satin finish

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions!