Add-on - Cord & Plug

This is NOT a stand alone product and must be purchased as an addition to a lighting fixture. Cord and Plugs are installed in our shop and cannot be added to a light fixture that has already been shipped or delivered.

Purchasing this Add On will add a Cord and Plug to your light fixture so it does not have to be hardwired to an electrical box. Mounting hardware is included in the purchase of this Add On.

The cord will be added to the bottom side of the wall canopy (Circular part that attaches to the wall).

Length of cord is measured from the bottom of the canopy to the plug.

This Add On does Not add a switch to your fixture. To add a switch please purchase this listing:

This Add On can be used on Sconces, Vanities, or Ceiling Lights.

If you would like to add a cord to a pendant or chandelier please purchase the Swag Add On: