Born in 1837, Peter Schille had come to America with his parents in 1847. To support his 9 children Schille dabbled in the grocery business then found his calling in the beverage industry. You could say he was in the right place at the right time. The temperance movement was gaining support in central Ohio long before prohibition. In fact, the area served as a catalyst for a temperance movement that spread nationwide. Schille provided a non-alcoholic alternative to the increasing consumption of booze at the time. The pharmacy, which operated much differently in his day, was a place for patrons to hangout and socialize over a soda. Mr. Schille was happy to supply the soda and he and his family continued to do so through the mid 1900’s.


Schille, Frank H (8/21/1868-9/29/1933)

Peter’s son, Frank, in 1933 stepping in his father’s footsteps


Alice Schille


Alice Schille, Peter’s youngest daughter ,was one of the best-educated young women of her time. She was also one of the most talented. An extraordinarily gifted artist, Alice Schille not only shared her work with the world, she also taught and encouraged an entire generation of young Columbus artists to follow her as well.





Children at the Beach was painted in 1911 by Alice Schille